Learner Results Table

One of the most important parts of the LLN Robot system is the Learners Results page. The Online LLN Quiz results, along with all of the information that has been gathered about a learner, can be found on the Dashboard of the home page.

Your Dashboard home page will look similar to this:

This table includes all of the information that is gathered about Learners.

Understanding Learner Results Table

There are several columns displayed in the learner results table:

  • Selection.
  • ID.
  • Name.
  • Email.
  • Quiz Results.
  • Time/Date.
  • Info.

This column allows you to select one or multiple learners. To select all learners you can click the checkbox at the top of the column.

As you select learners a counter will appear in the results header. A Clear Selection button will also appear as shown below.


This column displays the ID for this learner.


This column displays the learner's name in a 'Last Name, First Name' format.


This column displays the learner's email address.


This column shows the learner's results from the Online LLN Quiz.

ACSF Level 3 or ACSF Level 4 Quiz Results

Each number in the results column corresponds to the learner’s current skill level in that ACSF Core Skill (as assessed by the Online LLN Quiz).

The symbols shown here are representative of the different ACSF Core Skills.

  • Learning.
  • Reading.
  • Writing.
  • Oral Communication (Listening only).
  • Numeracy.

In the example below the learner has received a result of Level 3 in Learning, Level 4 in Reading, Level 4 in Writing, Level 1 in Oral Communication, and Level 1 in Numeracy.

Note: If a learner has been invited to take the online LLN Quiz but hasn't completed the quiz yet a Resend Invitation button will display. Clicking this button will send a new learner invitation email.

ACSF 3 Short Course Results

Tis quiz only tests up to ACSF level 3 across 3 of the 5 areas: Reading, Writing, and Numeracy. A result of 'N/A' will be shown for the areas of Learning, and Oral Communication.

VSL Test Results

If a learner has completed the VET Student Loan (VSL) Test, their results will display like this:

Date/Time (AEST)

This column displays the time that the learner completed the Online Quiz. 

Note: An 'N/A' will display in this column when a learner hasn't completed the quiz.


This column shows a Learner Card button. This will open a modal with additional information about each learner and quizalong with the ability to edit the learner information. More information about the Learner Card can be found here.

Action Buttons

Below the learner results table, you have four action buttons available.

  • Archive - This button moves the records of selected learners to the archive folder.You can find out more information about Archiving Learners here.
  • Delete - This button deletes the selected learners. You can find out more information about Deleting Learners here.
  • Export CSV - This button exports the selected learners and their information into a CSV file. You can find out more information about Exporting Learners here.
  • Export LLN Report - This button generates an LLN Report for selected learners. You can find out more information about Creating an LLN Report here.
  • Upload Learner Submissions - This button allows you to upload a Learner Submission file from a learner who lost their internet connection. You can find out more about Learner Submission files here.

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