Adjusting Results

When a learner completes an Online LLN Quiz they are assessed on each of the ACSF Core Skills (for ACSF Level 3 and Acsf Level 4 quizzes).

This quiz is designed to be the initial assessment with further assessment undertaken with the RTO if it is deemed necessary. If further assessment is undertaken and an alternate measure of a learner's skill levels is found the database can be updated to reflect this change.

Only authorised users are able to edit a learner's results. Each modification of a learner's results must be coupled with a written reason for the changein order to continue.

Step 1

The Dashboard home screen contains the Learner Results Table

Locate the learner that you want to adjust the LLN Results for. Click the Learner Card button in the Info column.

This will open a Learner Card.

Step 2

Click the Edit Results button to make changes to a learner's results.

Scroll down to find the Edit Results button.

Step 3

An Edit Results form will appear.

Change the required results by clicking the appropriate drop-down in the New column.

Step 4

Enter the reason you have made the change to these learners results into the Reason for Change text area. Note: This field is mandatory.

Step 5

Click the Save button to submit all changes.

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