Upload Learner Submissions

The Online LLN Quiz now has a fail-safe submission process in case a learner's internet connection drops out when they are submitting their quiz answers. 
The offline learner answer submission process prompts the learner to download an encrypted file with their quiz information saved in it. The learner can then save this file to their computer. They can then send this file (via email, USB transfer or any other means) to their trainer. The trainer can then upload their results directly into the LLN Robot System. 

The process for a learner

1. The Quiz attempts to submit the learner information & answers to the LLN Robot System.

2. The Quiz determines that the learner hasn't got a stable internet connection and prompts them to download the encrypted file.

3. The Quiz prompts the learner to send this file to their trainer or admin contact.

4. The learner can then email the file to their trainer (when they reconnect to the internet).

The process for an LLN Robot System user

1. Receive and save the encrypted file from the learner. 
2. Click the 'Upload Learner Submissions' button on the bottom right-hand corner of the Learner Results Table. 

3. Select the Learner Submissions file from your computer. 

4. This will automatically upload & progress to the Finished Step. This will show you that the Learner Submissions have been successfully uploaded.

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