Archive Results Folders

Archive Learners

Any learner/s you do not wish to display in your learner results screen can be archived.

1. From the results screen, select the learner/s you want to archive and then select the "Archive" button at the bottom of the results table.

2. Select the name of an existing folder you want to store them in, or type a new name to create a new folder, and then select "Archive Learners". 

Access/Restore Archived Learners

1. Select "Archived Results" from the left hand navigation bar to see archive folders, and then select the folder you'd like to access. 

2. You can toggle between folders using the "Archive Folder" dropdown at the top of this page.

3. Select the learner/s you'd like to restore and then click "Restore Selected".

This will restore these learner/s to the results page.

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