Export and Download Learner Answer Report

When a Learner completes the Online LLN Quiz their results are saved to the Learners Results Table.

The answer given for each question in the quiz are also saved into the LLN Robot System. This information can be viewed and saved in a PDF from the Learners Results Table page.

This information can be useful when assessing a Learner's Quiz Results further or to verify the answers that they entered into the quiz.

Step 1

From the Administrator Dashboard you can see the  Learner Results Table

Locate the Learner that you want to generate an answer report for. Click the  Learner Card button in the Card column.

This will open a  Learner Card.

Step 2

Click the  Download Answers button to export a PDF of the Learner Answer Report.

Scroll down to find the Export Answer Report button.

Step 3

Once the answer report has been generated a Learner answers report ready success indicator will be shown.

The learner answer report PDF will open in a new tab or download straight away depending on the browser you are using. Make sure you save the learner answer report according to your organisation’s procedures.

Note: All Learner Answers Reports contain a record of the correct answers. It is imperative for consistent assessment that learners do not have access to any of these copies.

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