Understanding the Learner Answer Report

Learner Answer Report – Document Structure

The PDF that is produced when an Answer Report is generated can be broken down into two distinct sections:

  • Learner Report Summary.
  • Incorrect Answers.

Learner Report Summary

This section is at the beginning of every Learner Answer Report. It contains basic information about the learner and the quiz they completed. 

This includes:

  • Graph and summary of results.
  • Details of the quiz completed.
  • Learner details.
  • Learner results history (if any changes have been made).
  • Learner Answer Report. This is a table that shows:
    • Each question the learner was shown.
    • What variant they were shown.
    • The time the learner took to complete the question.
    • Whether they answered it correctly or incorrectly.

Incorrect Answers

This section of the document outlines the responses that the learner gave for all of the questions they answered incorrectly.

For each question this section contains:

  • Question Information – This includes the question number, variant and question text.
  • Learner Response – what the learner entered.
  • Correct Response – an image of the correct response.

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