What is an LLN Report

Upon completion of the Online LLN Quiz an ACSF profile is formulated based on the learner's results. This learner profile can then be compared to the ACSF profile of a course of study (Course Profile) in an LLN Report.

The LLN Report is the PDF report that shows how the learner's results align/differ from the Course Profile, as well as any recommendations where there are suggested areas of support. This support can be in the form of Training Recommendations or Training Supplements.

  • Training Recommendations are actions and steps for the trainer to take during training to support the learner/s.
  • Training Supplements take the form of a series of self-paced activities to be completed in conjunction with, or prior to the formal training program.

Generating an LLN Report is a simple process of selecting the learner/s to be included in the report, selecting the relevant course profile and the system will do the rest.

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