New/Create Course Profile

The LLN Robot System undertakes an analysis of each Unit of Competency to determine the ACSF Core Skill requirements. A Course Profile is a collection of these results.

The Course Profile outlines the ACSF Core Skill Level requirements a Learner will be expected to be at upon completion of their training.

A Course Profile can be created for qualifications or skill sets that you have on scope.

Step 1

Select the Courses option from the menu.

Step 2

Click the Add Course button.

Step 3

Give the new Course Profile a title by typing in the Course Title text section. Select the level of the Course from the Qualification Level drop down menu.

Step 4

Type the code for the first Unit of Competency within the Course into the Add Unit text box.

A drop down menu of choices will appear – you can select the Unit of Competency there or continue typing to narrow the choices down. 

Select the applicable unit from the drop down menu.

Repeat this step until all required Units of Competency have been added.

Step 5

Once you have entered all of the Units of Competency within the course and reviewed that they are correct click the Save button.

Note: If you want to remove a Unit of Competency click the check box beside the entry and then the Remove Unit button. If you want to remove all Units of Competency use the select all check box and then click the Remove Unit button.

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