Understanding an LLN Report

Overview of the LLN Report

The LLN Report is the comparison of one or more learner results to a course profile. 

This comparison displays any deficiencies in core skill levels between the learners' current skills and those required upon completion of the course.

Breakdown of the LLN Report

The LLN Report has three distinct sections:

  1. Cover
  2. Group Results Summary
  3. LLN & Core Skills Results for each learner


The cover page shows the basic information about this LLN Report. 

This includes:

  • The date this report was generated.
  • The Course Profile that was used.
  • The Learner/s that are included.

Group Results Summary

The Group Results Summary shows an overview of all learners contained in the LLN Report displayed as a summary graph. The aim of the graph is to identify any common trends indicating that learners will require additional support as a group.

LLN & Core Skills Results

The LLN & Core Skills Result is a specific breakdown for each learner that is included in the LLN Report and contains:

  • A summary graph of this learner's current core skills compared to the Course Profile.
  • A summary table breaking down the action plan required for each core skill.
  • A series of recommendations to support the learner's development of core skills including LLN.

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