Course Profiles

What is a Course Profile?

A Course Profile is a collection of one or more Units of Competency that make up the training course or qualification you will be delivering to your learners. 

The LLN Robot System uses a purpose built diagnostic tool to determine the required ACSF Core Skill levels of a Unit of Competency. The system uses a series of language analysis algorithms to scan the content of a Unit of Competency to identify trigger words and phrases and their associated values based on the training package, ACSF performance indicators and the AQF (certificate) level of the unit. This data is used to generate a training profile that reflects the core skills required to understand and perform the criteria outlined in the unit.

Course Profile is a collection of these Unit of Competency analysis results.

The Course Profile outlines the ACSF Core Skill level requirements a learner will be expected to be using and exhibiting upon completion of their training.

After a Course Profile has been created you can view, edit and delete it from within the LLN Robot System.

Comparing a Learner Profile with a Course Profile

The LLN Robot Online LLN Quiz has been designed to give an indication of a learner’s abilities across the 5 core skills of the ACSF. These are Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Numeracy. The outcome of the online assessment is the first step in considering the support needs of the learner.

At the end of the assessment, an ACSF profile is generated based on the learner’s responses. This profile scores each of the 5 core skills. These results are stored in a secure database and accessed by the trainer/assessor or LLN representative of the training organisation. This profile can then be compared to a Course Profile, generating a support program designed for each individual learner to meet their specific needs.

As learner profiles and Course Profiles are compared by the system, a detailed report and training support program are generated to outline the mechanisms that can be used to support the learner’s development, as well as a series of self-paced activities in the form of training supplements to be completed in conjunction with, or prior to the formal training program. This report can be generated using the LLN Report function.

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