Export Course

The LLN Robot System undertakes an analysis of each Unit of Competency to determine the ACSF Core Skill requirements. A Course Profile is a collection of these results.

The Course Profile outlines the ACSF Core Skill level requirements a Learner will be expected to be using and exhibiting upon completion of their training.

After a Course Profile has been created you can export it as a PDF or CSV from the LLN Robot System.

Step 1

Select the Courses option from the menu.

Once the information has loaded you will be shown a Course Table, which shows the details of all saved Course Profiles.

Step 2

You can search for a particular course in a few ways:

  • Use the Search bar.
  • Sort the Course Name list in alphabetical order. This can be toggled to sort from a-z or z-a by clicking the header of the Course Name name.

Once you have found the course that you want to export click the 'Info' icon for that course. 

Step 3

This will open a table containing all of the information about this course. At the bottom right-hand side of this table is the option to export the course to CSV or PDF.

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