Resend Learner Invitation

If a learner has been invited or has started to take the Online LLN Quiz but hasn't completed the quiz yet a Resend Invitation button will display in their results column. 

Clicking this button will send a new learner invitation email.

Please note: The 'Resend Invitation' button shows for all learners who have started an Online Quiz or who have been invited to complete an Online Quiz. This button will display even if a learner has accessed the Online Quiz via a direct link. This is because when a learner begins the Online Quiz they complete a form that collects their email address. Once the LLN Robot System has an email contact available for a learner it has the ability to send the learner an invitation to resume their progress on the quiz.

What if my learners email address is incorrect?

If the learner email is incorrect you can edit the learner information (including the email) before clicking the Resend Invitation button via the Learner Card.

You can also find a Resume Quiz Link in the learner information card.

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