Single Learner Invite

Learners can be invited to complete an Online LLN Quiz. By inviting a Learner you can pre-fill their information and send them an invitation email.

Step 1

Select the Single Learner option from the side menu.

Step 2

Choose the quiz you want the learner to complete from the Quiz drop-down menu.

Note: The Standard Quiz assesses learners up to ACSF level 3. The Advanced Quiz assesses up to ACSF level 4.

Step 3

Complete the rest of the form with the learner's details. The mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). 

Note: Your options may be different to the ones shown here depending on the configuration of your LLN Robot system.

Step 4

Review the information you have entered. If you are sure it is correct click the Invite button.

Step 5

Setting up learner information indicator will display above the form while the system is compiling and sending the learner invitation.

Step 6

When the email invitation has been sent a "Learner invitation email has been sent" success indicator will be shown.

Error Alerts

There may be an error shown when attempting to invite a learner. Below are the possible errors and what do to about them.

An error occurred whilst attempting to send Learner invitation. Please contact your system administrator.

This error is shown when the email can’t be sent by the system. Check your internet connection is stable before contacting your system administrator.

Invalid Learner Email.

The system has recognised the email that you entered for the Learner as invalid. If you believe the email is correct contact your system administrator.

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