What is the Course Ready Questionnaire?

Course Ready is a platform that has been developed to align with the new Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF). It is part of our new Digital Profiler suite, and will initially be offered to LLN Robot subscribers.

Course Ready will give your organisation an understanding of how your learners will be able to engage with digital technologies used during the training process.

It will provide insight into not only their capability, but also their access to technology in relation to training systems such as:

• Student portals

• Booking portals

• Sending and receiving email

• Downloading and uploading documents

• Learning management systems

• Webinars and video conferencing

The platform will provide you with a detailed report informing you of the suitability of your training product in relation to the digital capability of the learner, what level of access they have to devices, as well as any assistance the learner may need to engage with training.

Course Ready is a paid upgrade to your LLN Robot Subscription.

For sales and ordering information you can view it on our website here.

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