What is the difference between the Quiz options?

When inviting a learner you have 3 options:

  • ACSF 3
  • ACSF 4
  • VSL (VET Student Loans)
  • ACSF 3 Short Course

The ACSF 3 and ASCF 4 quizzes are quite similar and differ only in the level they will assess up to. Both of these Online LLN Quiz options assess the 5 Core Skills (Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, Numeracy). Any learner who completes one of these quizzes will be eligible to have a custom training program created via the LLN Report.

The ACSF 3 quiz will only assess a learner up to ACSF Level 3. This means that even if a learner answers all questions in this quiz correctly the highest level they will be assessed at is ACSF Level 3. However, the ACSF 4 quiz will assess a learner up to ACSF Level 4 if they are displaying a higher competence in their ACSF Level 3 assessment. This means that a learner may be assessed at ACSF Level 4 but this is only shown to learners who excel at the questions associated with ACSF Level 3. 

The quiz responds dynamically to the learner's answers and gets easier or more difficult based on their performance. For example, the quiz brings learners in at Level 2 for each of the skill groups (Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Numeracy Skills). If the learner answers the questions for that skill at Level 2 correctly they can then attempt Level 3 questions. If they answer these wrong, they will then attempt Level 1 questions.

The VSL Test is a custom designed test that assesses a learner's eligibility for VET Student Loan funding. You can read more about the VSL Test here; VET Student Loan (VSL) LLN Assessment Tool – Introduction. Please note: When a learner completes the VSL Test their results cannot be used to generate a custom training program with the LLN Report.

The ACSF 3 Short Course quiz is a pared-down version of our more comprehensive ACSF 3 & ACSF 4 LLN Quizzes and is designed to provide a quick assessment for learners who don't need a complete skills assessment (such as those completing a short course). It only assesses 3 of the 5 Core Skills: Reading, Writing & Numeracy. You can read more about the ACSF 3 Short Course here; ACSF3 Short Course - Introduction.

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