Accessing the Quiz - Links and Invites

There are three ways to invite learners in the LLN Robot System:

  1. Single Learner Invite
  2. Multiple Learner Invite.
  3. Give learners a direct Quiz Link.

You can navigate to these Invite screens via the side menu.

Single Learner Invite

This screen allows you to invite a single learner to complete the Online LLN Quiz.

Fill in the learner's information including a valid email address so an invitation email can be sent from the LLN Robot System. The system will send the learner an email with a custom link to the Online LLN Quiz that has their details prefilled in the learner information form. 

You can read more about inviting single learners here: Invite Single Learner.

Multiple Learners Invite

This screen allows you to invite multiple learners to complete the Online LLN quiz.

To send multiple learner invitations you download a pre-formatted spreadsheet and fill out the details for each learner. Once the completed spreadsheet is uploaded the LLN Robot System will let you review the learner list and in one click the system can issue invitations to all of those learners.
The LLN Robot system will send each learner an email with a custom link to the Online LLN Quiz with their details prefilled in the learner information form.
You can read more about inviting multiple learners here: Multiple Learner Invite.

Quiz Link

In your Manage System Settings Screen you can view direct links to each Quiz you have available. You may need to scroll down the screen to view these.

Note: This section of LLN Robot System is only available to users who have an Administrator role in the system.

This section contains direct links to the available quizzes for your LLN Robot System and includes:

  • The quiz name.
  • The quiz link.

To have a learner complete a quiz simply give them the quiz link for that specific quiz. They will be asked to enter their information into a form prior to accessing the quiz.

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