Multiple Learner Invite

This section of LLN Robot System allows you to upload the details of multiple Learners. This process saves you time when inviting a group of learners to take an Online LLN Quiz.

Please note: You can upload a maximum amount of 2,800 learners at a single time. If you have more learners to upload please split this over multiple invitations.

Step 1

Select the Multiple Learners option from the side menu.

Step 2

Download the Multiple Learner Upload spreadsheet by clicking the Download Button.

Step 3

Open the spreadsheet. 

Note: You will need Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet editing program to edit this document.

Step 4

For each Learner you want to invite you must enter the following:

  • A valid email-address in the Email column.
  • The Quiz you want the Learner to complete in the “Testing Level” column.
    Note: If you don’t enter either “ACSF3”, “ACSF4” or "VSL" here then the Default Testing Level will be used.

Fill in the details of the remaining columns for each learner.

Save and close the spreadsheet when you have completed it.

Step 5

Upload the completed spreadsheet by clicking the Upload Spreadsheet button. Choose the spreadsheet you completed from the file-picker.

Step 6

Review the Learner’s information to ensure their details have been entered correctly by clicking the View Learners button.

Step 7

Click the Invite Learners button to send an invitation email to all of the Learners entered.

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