ACSF3 Short Course

The ACSF3 Short Course quiz was developed by The Learning Resources Group to provide an indication of a person's Reading, Writing, and Numeracy Skills up to ACSF Level 3. 

This is a pared-down version of our more comprehensive ACSF3 & ACSF4 level LLN Quizzes and is designed to provide a quick assessment for learners who don't need a complete skills assessment (such as those completing a short course). 

The series of questions are aligned to ACSF Level 2 to 3 across those core skills and the automatic marking results provide a spiky profile of the learner's ability from 1 to 3 ACSF.

The quiz responds dynamically to the learner's answers and gets easier or more difficult based on their performance. If a learner is not correctly answering the questions the quiz will assess them before moving onto the next skill. At most a learner will be shown 18 questions. At least a learner will be shown 6 questions.

Each question is randomly selected from a bank of questions relevant to the core skill and appropriate level. This means learners will face a different set of questions each time the quiz is taken.

The ACSF3 Short Course Quiz can take up to half an hour to complete if the learner reaches the highest level questions, however average completion time is 10-15 minutes. 

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