Why doesn’t the quiz go up to level 5?

ACSF level 5 covers highly specialised skills that are embedded in complex combinations of core skills. Level 5 skill profiles generally do not come into play until Advanced Diploma qualifications or higher. Considering the complexity of these tasks, and the degree of contextualisation for proper application of the skills it is not feasible to develop an online assessment tool that can be completed in a reasonable time.

The other consideration that should be taken into account is that the ACSF reflects the core skills that a person should have by the end of training, not before they begin. Theoretically someone who tests to Level 4 would be able to undertake Courses or Qualifications that contain a Level 5 analysis outcome as they will develop skills throughout the course of training. Level 5 assessment at a pre-enrolment stage is not necessary and would only add time and complexity to the process.

The ACSF Performance Variables Grid is pictured below for reference and further examples of performance expected at each level.

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