System User Roles

There are three distinct System User roles available in the LLN Robot System. These three roles have varying levels of access within the LLN Robot System:

Enrolment Officer
This role is for administrative assistants and staff who are involved with the enrolment process for learners.
LLN Specialist
This role is for LLN specialists who are involved with the LLN assessment and support of learners.
This role is for the administrator of the LLN Robot System.
Enrolment Officer LLN Specialist Administrator
Invite Single Learners.
Invite Multiple Learners.
View Learner Results.
Delete or Archive Learners.
Edit Learner Results.
Generate Answer Reports.
Create Course Profiles.
Edit and Delete Course Profiles.
Generate LLN Reports & Training Supplements.
Access LLN Resources.
Add/Manage System Users.
View System Analytics.
Modify System Settings.

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