What is an LLN Report

Upon completion of the Online LLN Quiz a learner profile is generated based on the learner's results. This learner profile can then be compared to the profile of the course of study (Course Profile), generating a support program designed for each individual learner to meet their specific needs.

The LLN Report (formerly known as a Skills Gap Analysis) is the PDF report that shows the discrepancies (if any) between a learner's current profile and the Course Profile. 

In addition to this detailed  LLN Report report a customised training support program is generated (if required) to outline the mechanisms that can be used to support the learner’s development, as well as a series of self-paced activities in the form of training supplements to be completed in conjunction with, or prior to the formal training program.

Generating an LLN Report it is a simple process of selecting the learners that will be attending training, selecting the course profile of the training being conducted and the system will do the rest.

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