Accessing the Digital Readiness for Learning Report

To access the report for a learner who has completed the Course Ready Questionnaire you need to select the learner card icon from next to the leaner record line in the Course Ready results table:

This will open up the learner card modal:

You can look at the results on screen or select the 'Export Summary' button at the bottom to download a report.

Once you select 'Export Summary' you will trigger the download of a .pdf report with more detail and recommendations.

This report details information on the learner's current capability for participating in the digital platforms and tools associated with learning in your RTO.

It will let you know their support requirements (if any), access to devices and an overview of the types of skills they will have in the digital space.

The Course Ready - Digital Readiness for Learning Questionnaire is a paid upgrade to your LLN Robot Subscription.

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