Incomplete Quiz Reminders

Incomplete Quiz Reminders

Automated reminders can be sent to any learners who have been sent an invitation but haven't yet completed the quiz.

1. Select "Manage System Settings" on the left hand navigation bar.

2. From here you can choose to turn this function on or off by switching the toggle on or off.

3. You can customise how often these reminders are sent, how many reminders you would like to send and whether or not you would like the system to archive the learner after the final reminder has been sent. (NOTE: the auto-archive will happen x days after the last reminder is sent, where x is the number entered into "Send reminder every x days".)

To turn on the quiz reminder emails, or to make changes to the settings for them, click the EDIT button in the QUIZ SETTINGS section. A pop-up window will open. Make the desired changes and then click the SAVE button.

Note: if you do not enter a start date, reminders will be sent to all existing incomplete invitations.

Customise Email Template

You can customise the reminder email that gets sent to learners to suit your companies needs.

1. Select "Manage Email Templates" on the left hand navigation bar.

2. Select "Quiz Reminder" from the drop down list at the top.

3. Add variables to your email.

Variables are a way to add dynamic content to your emails. These are placeholders that will populate with specific information when the email is sent to a learner. 

You can insert a variable using the 'Insert a Variable' drop-down menu. To remove a variable use the Backspace button on your keyboard.

You have the following variable options:

  • Learner First Name. This will insert the learner's first name.
  • Learner Last Name. This will insert the learner's last name.
  • Quiz Link (Clickable). This will insert the text 'Link to Quiz' into the email. The 'Link to Quiz' text will link to the learner's custom invitation link. Please note: This is not available in the Subject Line.
  • Quiz Link (Plain Text). This will insert the plain version of the learner's custom invitation link into the email - this allows them to copy and paste it into their browser if they need to. 
  • Company Name. This inserts the Company Name that is set in your Manage System Settings page
  • Learner Correspondence Name. This inserts the Learner Correspondence Name that is set in your Manage System Settings page.
  • Learner Correspondence Phone. This inserts the Learner Correspondence Phone that is set in your Manage System Settings page
  • Learner Correspondence Email. This inserts the Learner Correspondence Email that is set in your Manage System Settings page

4. You can preview the email by clicking the 'Preview' button. This will show the design that will be sent to your learners. It will also populate any variables you have in your template with either example data.

5. Click the 'Save' button to save any changes you have made to the email.

6. Click "Reset to Default" to reset the email content to the default template. This allows you to start over if you make any changes that you're not happy with.

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