Learner Errors

If a learner has any errors during their interaction with the LLN Robot System or the Online Assessment they will have an error notification on their row in the Learner Results table:

You can view and acknowledge the error by opening the Learner Card:

Once you have opened the Learner Card with the error you can click the 'X' on the error to acknowledge it. This will remove the error notification from the Learner Results table. 

Error Types

There are two main error types that can be associated with a learner:

  1. LLN Robot System errors. These are errors that happened during invitation, processing or analysis within the LLN Robot System. 
  2. Online Assessment errors. These are errors that happen during the assessment.

LLN Robot System Errors

LLN Robot System Error Types include:

  • LEARNER-INVITE: Learner invitation failed to send. This error type means that there was an error when sending an invitation to this learner.
  • LEARNER-RESULTS-VSL: Learner VSL results failed to send. This error type means that there was an error when sending the learner their VET Student Loan test results.
  • SUPPLEMENT-LINKS: Customised training supplements failed to generate. This error type means there was an error when generating the customised training supplements for this learner.

Online Assessment Errors

You can read more about Errors during assessment here: http://support.lln.training/article/379-unsupported-browser-connectivity-errors-during-assessment

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