Administering the VET Student Loan (VSL) LLN Assessment

The online VSL LLN Assessment Tool must be completed on a supported device (computer or tablet) with stable internet access. The tool can be accessed via a range of web browsers (see System Requirements for more information).

The assessment takes an average of 30-60 minutes to complete and must be done in a single sitting. The learner should have access to a calculator and pen and paper for making notes during the assessment.

The learner is required to make a declaration that the assessment will be completed without assistance and that the answers are the learner’s own work. We recommend that the assessment is administered under supervision to avoid any collusion.

As the quiz requires a level of digital literacy it is important to provide support to those who do not use computers or smart devices often. Assistance should not extend beyond:

  • Basic instructions relating to hardware (keyboard, mouse, etc.) or general computer use.
  • Guidance on how to manipulate on-screen items.
  • Technical support for accessing the quiz, using the correct browser etc.

The assessment automatically scores each of the 30 questions.

For a learner to demonstrate that they are ACSF exit level 3 – beginning level 4 they must get at least 13/15 answers correct for both reading and numeracy. This score requires at least 1 level 4 question to be answered correctly to prove that the learner is exit level 3 – beginning level 4.

Once the quiz has been completed the results are sent to the system database and can be provided to the learner via email.

A report can be generated once the assessment is complete to see which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly.

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