LLN Robot System Feature Details

Features Included in all LLN Robot Packages

Full User Management

You have full control over who can access your LLN Robot System. Invite new users, reset passwords and even revoke access to your users.

Learner Invitation Module

Invite learners to complete any of the available online tests via a single invitation or invite up to 5000 learners at a time with our multiple learner invitation module.

Customisable Learner Information Gathering

Customise the form that is shown to learners before each test quickly and easily from your administration section. Then search your learner database via these custom fields whenever you need.

LLN Support Programs

Detailed reports highlighting and providing recommendations for the gaps between learners' current skills and your course profile. This is coupled with customised self-paced LLN training supplements for learners to complete before or during the course. You can analyse the gap between single learners or entire learner cohorts.

Multiple Tests

Choose from a range of online assessments including; ACSF Level 3 Test, ACSF Level 4 Test, and Approved VET Student Loans Test.

Quiz Answer Reports

Get a full Quiz Answer Report for each learner that details individual question responses, time taken to answer, and results.

Learner Results Database

View the LLN profile of any learner that has completed any of the online test, or send a reminder to those who haven't done it yet.

Full Analysis of any Course or Qualification

LLN Robot will analyse any current unit of competency listed in training.gov.au and instantly provide you with the ACSF profile.

System Analytics

Get up to date data on how your LLN Robot System is being used whenever you need it. Everything from the number of LLN Reports Generated each month through to the average time learners spend on your online tests.

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