If somebody gets a lower score than the course profile are they still allowed to do the course?

The learner profile generated at the end of the quiz is only an indication of the LLN abilities of the person. It does not take into account their ability to write by hand or speak in English. These need to be considered when viewing the profile or score.

The other consideration is that the profile score of a course relates to the skills required to carry out the job at the end of training. While a lower score might indicate that a learner would struggle with the training, a support program may enable that learner to still complete the course and gain the relevant skills by the end.

You may decide to offer the learner a different pathway, starting with a lower level qualification and working their way up, or an intensive support strategy. All of these options should be discussed openly with the learner to decide what the best course of action is. You can refer to the results and reports generated by the system when giving advice to the learner.

In the end, it is up to the training company and the learner to come to a decision together about how to proceed with training.

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