aXcelerate Integration Setup

This integration allows you to access the functionality and reporting of LLN Robot directly from your aXcelerate system when you enrol a learner into a course.

Enrolling a learner in a course within aXcelerate and selecting the LLN Quiz Required checkbox will create the learner in LLN Robot and send them an email asking them to complete the LLN Quiz you have selected for them.
Once they complete the quiz, LLN Robot will upload the results as a pdf to the learner's portfolio in aXcelerate, and if the course exists in both systems, generate an LLN Report pdf and attach it to the student record (in their aXcelerate learner portfolio) as well.
The systems will sync every hour by default.

Please note: 

  1. Users must enable the API in LLN Robot to activate the integration
  2. Ensure that there are no custom fields added to the learner form which are marked as required

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